11-16 School Curriculum

The University of Birmingham School offers a traditional academic curriculum, based on the core subjects of the national curriculum and the subjects regarded as useful in support of application or entry into leading Universities. Each subject is led by an experienced subject specialist, supported by a team of highly qualified teachers who have close links to the relevant University departments.

In Years 7, 8 and 9, learning is a time of exploration through a broad range of subjects. Over the course of the week, pupils find themselves discovering Geography, Art, Dance, Drama, English, a compulsory Foreign Language, History, Music and Religious Education. They also tackle Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics and Design Technology. Once in Year 10, pupils will begin following a GCSE curriculum and will select subjects from a wide variety of options, including additional languages (subject to demand).

Independent study

Independent study plays an important role at our School. There is always a purpose to the work that we set and, whatever year pupils are in, self-directed learning, research and preparatory work plays a critical role in their development and in enabling them to fulfil their potential.

We recognise that this sort of self discipline does not come naturally to everyone; part of the Year 7 curriculum focuses on developing study skills to support pupils as they make the transition to secondary school. To make sure everyone has the right environment in which to study effectively, our School building remains open until 5.30pm each night, to support those that would like to complete their homework in School.

Curriculum outlines

Parents can now view the curriculum outlines for the next academic year below.



Computer Science

Design & technology





Modern Languages


Physical Education


Religious Studies

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