The University of Birmingham School functions as a separate, charitable company limited by guarantee, but also as a subsidiary of the University. The charitable objects of the School are aligned with those of the University and together we pursue the advancement of education. We are establishing and managing a School with a broad and balanced curriculum; our charitable objects provide Initial Teacher Training and further advanced training for qualified teachers, including but not limited to masters level programmes. As a subsidiary of the University, University Council has an obligation to monitor the School, to ensure that it is properly and effectively run, with financial probity, in accordance with its objects. It does not have a management role.

The subsidiary company is called the University of Birmingham School and referred to as the Academy Trust in the School’s Articles. In broad terms, the University is responsible for appointing the Members of the Academy Trust who, in turn, are responsible for appointing the majority of the Governors. Full details are included within the School’s Memorandum and Articles.

The current Members are:

- Professor Sir David Eastwood (Representing the University of Birmingham)
- Dr Chris Banks CBE (Chair of Governors and Chair of Resources Committee)
- Professor Adam Tickell
- Mr Richard Haywood


The constitutional role of the School Governors is both that of Charity Trustees and also Company Directors. Broadly speaking the Governors ensure that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the School is clearly defined, that the Principal performs their responsibilities for the educational performance of the School, and that there is a sound, proper and effective use of the School’s financial and other resources. This is achieved through the termly Board of Governors meetings and four main committees:

- Resources
- Pastoral
- Teaching and Learning
- Audit and Risk

Terms of reference for each committee are available in the side bar on the left of this page.

The current Governors, who are also Trustees and Directors, are:

- Dr Chris Banks CBE (Chair of Governors and Chair of Resources Committee)
- Professor Julie Allan
- Professor James Arthur (Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee)
- Professor Saul Becker
- Ms Eleanor Ellis Bryant
- Mr David Davies OBE
- Ms Michele Deeks (Chair of Pastoral Committee)
- Dr Julie Gilson
- Mr Joey Islam (Chair of Audit Committee)
- Miss Natalie Howard
- Mr Michael Roden (ex officio)
- Mr Lee Sanders
- Mr Stephen Washbourne
- Ms Alison Wedge

The Members and Governors, as well as senior staff, make an annual declaration of interests (255kb) which includes their date and nature of appointment.


We are building a close, productive and mutually beneficial relationship between the University’s School of Education, other academic schools within the University and the teachers and pupils at the School. As part of this, we are developing synergies and collaborations to enhance the students and pupils experience, and also the experience of those teachers who work at and visit the school to share teaching and learning. This will be overseen by the University School Advisory Group. 

The School's responsibilities and its governance arrangements are set out in its Funding Agreement (3,332kb) with the Department for Education and its Memorandum and Articles of Association (218kb). 

Our annual accounts include our annual report and a summary of trustee attendance at meetings. The accounts from 2014/15 (445kb) and 2013/14 (147kb) relate to the pre-opening phase, including the capital project. The first full accounts from 2015/16 (1817kb) are now available. 

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