Our Staff

At the School we have an outstanding team of teaching and professional services staff.

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Roden
BSc (Manchester), PGCE, NPQH

Senior Vice Principal 
Mrs R Tigue 
BA (Newcastle), PGCE, NPQH

Vice Principal
Mr M Stow
BSc (Warwick), PGCE, NPQSL

Assistant Vice-Principal
Ms K Campbell
BA (Birmingham), MA (Keele), PGCE

Director of Operations
Mrs K Griffiths
BA (Birmingham)

Teaching Staff

Miss J Quinn (Subject Leader)
Miss Saunders

Dr D Dawkins (Subject Leader)
Dr C Bownes
Dr Z Khan
Mr W Yousaf

Dr M Simpson (Subject Leader)
Mr D Ashmore
Miss S Heath
Mr J Connell

Mr A Hamflett (Subject Leader)
Mrs Sultana

Design Technology
Mr D Walji (Subject Leader)
Mr A Herbert

Mrs S Barrington (Subject Leader)
Mrs E Deegan
Miss H Grace
Miss K Lockett

Miss R Till (Subject Leader)
Miss C Exton

Mr J Ward (Subject Leader)
Miss E Connolly

Mr A Bannister (Subject Leader)
Mr D Clark
Miss S Cohen
Mr R Jhalli
Ms G Pritty
Mr I Taylor

Ms A Argyropulo-Palmer (Subject Leader)
Mr D Norris

Miss C Haley (Subject Leader)
Miss G Isbell

Religious Studies
Ms E Ellis Bryant (Subject Leader)
Miss H Moore

Dr E Woehrling (Subject Leader)
Miss D Cross
Mr R Britton

Physical Education
Miss H Stemp (Subject Leader)
Mr J Bennett

Professional Services Staff

M Barton - Library and Learning Officer
D Batten - Reception & Family Liaision Officer
L Beddow - Learning Coach
S Brooks - Junior Technician
R Clifford - Progress & Pastoral Manager
B Conroy - SEN & Inclusion Manager
K Cooper - Facilities Manager
A Cosimetti - PA to the Principal
A Deva - External Relations Officer
V Drakopanagiotaki - Learning Coach
L Dwyer - Sixth Form Manager
A Evans - School & University Relationship Officer
K Faulkner - Junior Technician
S Giles - Technician
J Gremshi - Admissions, Attendance & Inclusion Officer
R Haslam - School Business Manager
N Howard - Exams, Data & Admissions Officer
O Ogungbe - Learning Coach
V Pell - Technician
A Proudman - Finance & HR Officer
A Sheffield - Junior Technician
H Stacey - Library and Enrichment Manager
D Thomas - Building Services Coordinator
R Wrigglesworth - Enrichment & Events Officer

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