Inclusion at UOB School

An Inclusive School

In the SEN Code of Practice (2015) it states that:

‘All teachers are teachers of pupils with special educational needs.’

The University of Birmingham School is an inclusive school that delivers Quality First Teaching by subject staff who have a keen awareness of a range of special educational needs, medical needs and disability. Parents/Carers are a vital part of our inclusive practice and we always seek to work as a cohesive team: young person, parents, staff.

Our SEN/Inclusion Team

Our subject staff are supported to achieve the aims of the SEN Code of Practice by our Inclusion team:

  • Ms Kate Campbell - Assistant Vice-Principal (SENCO/Designated Teacher for LAC)
  • Miss Bethany Conroy - SEN/Inclusion Manager
  • Miss Olu Ogungbe - Coaching Team Lead for Numeracy
  • Mr Luke Beddow - Coaching Team Lead for Literacy
  • Mrs Vicky Drakopanagiotaki - Coaching Team Lead for Social Skills (ASD Lead)

Any parent or carer with queries can contact the School's SENCO, Ms Campbell, by emailing her at or calling her via the main School number on 0121 796 5000.

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