School Life

Pastoral care

The pastoral foundation of our School is the form group and year group, based in classroom clusters for each of Years 7 to 11.  A dedicated form tutor works closely with each group, forging strong relationships with individual pupils and their families to support everyone’s academic progress and personal welfare. This will be underpinned by use of technology and a Home-School agreement, setting out what parents and carers can expect from the school and how they can support their child. Form tutors and Heads of Year will also support the Sixth Form.

College (House) System

Our College System is designed to foster healthy competition, teamwork and leadership. It is also a great opportunity to try new things and to mix with other pupils across form and year groups, making new friends in the process. Our Sixth Form students play a key role in the organisation and delivery of college meetings and events, acting as role models and mentors for the younger pupils. Previous College events include:

- Mini Bud's Run - a running challenge alongside the University of Birmingham's annual Bud's Run event, supported by Olympic and Paralympic athletes.
- Rugby Festival
- Christmas College Tournament
- ArtsFest
- Health and Wellbeing Week (including the College Rowing Championships)

Celebrating Achievement

In our School, we want to celebrate both academic and personal achievements.  We have rewards ranging from regular praise to merits, certificates and commendations, and we look forward to welcoming pupils and their families to our annual awards celebration evening on the University campus as the School grows.


Technology plays a central role in our School, with wireless available throughout the building and across the grounds. Pupils will develop their IT skills through Computer Science lessons and throughout the curriculum. Students are not expected to have their own devices as we have sufficient laptops and tablets in school. The extended school day also ensures that anyone who needs to can use School resources for independent study.


“Careers advice for school pupils can be variable and often under-resourced. The School provides the University’s award winning careers service (Careers Network) with the perfect opportunity to create truly sector leading careers provision.

We will ensure that the School’s pupils will benefit from an innovative and high quality service that will include individual careers guidance delivered by professionally qualified careers advisers, innovative and entrepreneurially focussed skills development and robust engagement from the world’s leading recruiters, as well as our regional employer community.”

Eluned Jones, Director of Student Employability

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